Future Ready Student

QAI’s Future Ready Student Index (FR401)

In this rapidly changing world, students are the ones whose lives are going to be impacted the most. While preparing a child for the future may arguably be the responsibility of the school, the parent and the teachers, students too need to understand what the future holds for them and what it may be like and most importantly be ready and prepared for the unknown. Most importantly that the students must learn to take charge of their lives and ownership of their future.

Succeeding in the 21st century, being prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution are good phrases to say and read and quote, but what does it really mean for students when they are in school? What can students do so that they are ready for the future? How can they figure out what jobs or what career paths will emerge and which will disappear? What subjects to study? What technology to master? What skills and competencies should they hone? What dispositions and values should they develop? A VUCA future opens up a plethora of questions and finding answers to these questions can be very stressful for the child, as much as it can be for the other stakeholders responsible for the child’s development.

Students therefore need to understand some key aspects about what future may be like and the importance of developing the right attitudes and cultivating the right life skills alongside the academics or vocational abilities. They also need to understand that technology and intelligent machines are going to play a very different and dominant role in the future which may substantially reduce or blur the today’s large ‘middle band’ of jobs. The taking over of middle band of jobs by intelligent machines implies that students today need to acquire skills so that they can qualify for top-end-jobs that require higher order thinking skills, emotional maturity, empathetic collaboration and more. The alternate to this is getting pushed down to the low end band of jobs that are not threatened by artificial intelligence but they are also not well paying. They need to understand that it is not enough to be academically bright but they need to develop and refine life skills essential for thriving in the 21st century.

The Future Ready Student Index is derived from a scenario based questionnaire is aimed at students in classes/grades 7th and are typically above 12 years of age. The primary objective is to make students aware about the importance of being future ready and for them to gauge how ready they are to be successful in the 21st century, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The scenario questions are internally classified under 5 sections i.e. Recognising and Preparing for the Future, Thinking & Decision Making, Attitudes and Approach, Collaborating, Networking & Negotiating and finally Digital Literacy.

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